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The 69th Annual Meeting of The Korean Physiological Society will take place in Seoul National University College of Medicine, November 2nd – 4th, 2017. The venue is Convergence Research Building (융합관), in the Yong-Gon Campus (Daehak-ro) of Seoul National University. This year, the meeting is prepared in collaboration with Korean Society of Exercise Physiology (KSEP), and the focused symposium (IMPACT symposium) will be held on November 4th (Saturday). We hope further collaboration between KPS and KSEP.
The meeting will feature world-renowned plenary speakers and a diverse set of symposia, with a particular focus on topics within Neurophysiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, TRP channels, Metabolic physiology, Taste sensation and Pathophysiology of inflammation etc. The social program includes a welcome reception (11/2) prepared by Korean Ion Channel Research Group and the official buffet-style dinner (11/3) in the common hall on the first floor of the venue place.
Academic Awards are planned as follows.

  • Yudang Award (유당학술상)
  • Young Physiologist Award (신진생리학자상)
  • Scitech Korea Award (싸이텍코리아후원학술상)
  • Best KJPP Paper Award (KJPP 우수논문상)
  • Best Poster Awards (우수포스터상)